We design unique hosting for wordpress websites.

“The most powerful hosting on the market made in wordpress, fast, secure and reliable.”

Host WordPress and get better speeds, security and optimization!

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Premium Templates

We make your website look great for free

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Premium Plugins

700+ premium plugins - Get the most out of your WordPress website!

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WordPress Toolkit

We make it easy to get your site up and running with our administration interface and helpful support.

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99.9% Uptime

We are committed to providing the best hosting for your needs, so you can focus on your content and sales.

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NVME SSD drives

Speed is power. That's why we offer the best accommodation in the industry. With NVME SSDs, you get the speed and power you need to power your WordPress site.

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Technical Support

We make your life easier, from chat, phone, tickets, tutorials, FAQs and more!

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WordPress hosting with professional CPANEL control panel: the most complete and useful panel to manage your website, emails, backups, security, website builders, statistics, applications, etc.

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Your website will enjoy increased security and trust thanks to our free SSL certificate from CPANEL.

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We make your website faster, more reliable and more affordable than any other.

We offer the best WordPress hosting experience!

Enjoy the

Enjoy the speed of light with Cache LiteSpeed.

Cache LiteSpeed is designed to provide the fastest possible speeds for any website. We use the latest in caching technology to ensure that your website experiences fast load times, and our Eco Friendly and Countless technologies help save on energy consumption and don't impact the environment. Whether you are looking for a fast and reliable hosting solution or simply want the best possible experience, Cache LiteSpeed is the perfect choice!

LiteSpeed Web Server

Enjoy the Speed of Light with LiteSpeed Cache.

HTTP 3 Enabled

Ready for HTTP/3 the 3rd. HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) version

QUIC.cloud CDN

QUIC.cloud's modern content delivery networks actually caches dynamic WordPress content

LiteSpeed Security

LiteSpeed Web Server mitigates denial-of-service attacks.

Fast Php

A completely revamped specialized PHP interface

SEO Friendly

Enjoy the Speed of Light with LiteSpeed Cache.

We make your WordPress site shine!

WP Basic

Annual Hosting Plan for Entrepreneurs and Blogs
$ 220.000 Annual
  • Price in Dollars: USD $ 70
  • Premium WordPress Template: 1
  • Premium WordPress Plugins: 2
  • Monthly Transfer: 100 GIGAS
  • NVMe SSD space: 5 GIGAS
  • Sites to Host: 1
  • Artificial Intelligence - COPY AI - "Free"
  • COPY AI - Artificial Intelligence
  • Litespeed Web Server
  • Amazon SES
  • Softaculous Auto-Installer
  • Imunify360
  • Daily Backups
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • WordPress Toolkit Deluxe

WP Elite

Annual hosting plan for SMBs
$ 280.000 Annual
  • Price in Dollars: USD $ 90
  • Premium WordPress Template: 1
  • Premium WordPress Plugins: 5
  • Monthly Transfer: 500 GIGAS
  • NVMe SSD space: 10 GIGAS
  • Sites to Host: 1
  • Artificial Intelligence - COPY AI - "Free"
  • COPY AI - Artificial Intelligence
  • Litespeed Web Server
  • Amazon SES
  • Softaculous Auto-Installer
  • Imunify360
  • Daily Backups
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • WordPress Toolkit Deluxe

WP Premium

Annual Hosting Plan for Companies and Corporations
$ 330.000 Annual
  • Price in Dollars: USD $ 110
  • Premium WordPress Template: 3
  • Premium WordPress Plugins: 15
  • Monthly Transfer: 100 GIGAS
  • NVMe SSD space: 5 GIGAS
  • Sites to Host: 3
  • Artificial Intelligence - COPY AI - "Free"
  • COPY AI - Artificial Intelligence
  • Litespeed Web Server
  • Amazon SES
  • Softaculous Auto-Installer
  • Imunify360
  • Daily Backups
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • WordPress Toolkit Deluxe

"wordpress hosting: easy and powerful WordPress!"

  • Daily Backups
  • SSL Certificate
  • SEO – Submitting your website to search engines and directories
  • Free Migration
  • Technical Support 7 x 24
  • cPanel Control Panel<span”>
  • Softaculous Auto-Installer
  • All PHP Antivirus and Firewall Versions
  • No long-term agreements
  • Unlimited Sub-Domains
    Addon and parked
  • Domains
    Unlimited FTP Accounts
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • Unlimited Redirects
  • JetBackup
  • Full Backup
  • File Backup
  • Email Backup
  • Database Backup
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited Mailing List
  • Unlimited Email Aliases
  • Automatic Replies
  • Calendars and Contacts
  • Web Mail
  • Roundcube and Horde – Email Manager
  • Spam Assassin
  • IMAP Server
  • SMTP Server
  • Detailed Statistics
  • AWStats (Real Time Updates)
  • Webalizer statistics
  • Raw Log Manager
  • Reference and error records
  • File Manager
  • Image Manager
  • Directory Privacy
  • Disk Usage
  • Network Disk
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hosting wordpress colombiawebs rapido online

We make sending and receiving emails easy and efficient.

In your business, you may be concerned about the possibility of unwanted e-mail reaching your inbox. But at Colombiawebs.com we guarantee that all our emails will be delivered securely and without spam. We use a variety of technologies to ensure that all of our emails are delivered quickly and accurately.

Spammers are never satisfied with just one message. They try to send many messages in an attempt to get your attention, and sometimes they even succeed. If you don't take action against spam, you could end up facing a lot of headaches in the future.

Clean Domain

Block all spam in your emails. Clean domains improve SEO and reputation with your users.

No more bounced emails

Never worry about your email being bounced or blocked due to blacklists that flagged your hosting.

Artificial intelligence

I.A. to track sender behavior to detect and limit email spam.

Change of blocked IP

Avoid blacklisting in real time by automatically replacing blacklisted IPs with new clean IPs.

Incoming Mail Filtering

Receive your important email and discard all those coming from suspicious accounts, domains or IPs.


There is no single point of failure using cloud servers. Defective servers are automatically replaced.

Avoid Hacking

Block the entry of emails, which have Trojans and bots, that take over your device and information.

Free Amazon SES

Included with all of our shared hosting plans, ensure trouble-free email delivery all the time.

Superior Technology

MagicSpam offers anti-spam technology that protects millions of inboxes worldwide, including your email.

Accelerate your sales by harnessing the power of Colombiawebs Copy AI: generate impactful, engaging and highly effective content in a matter of seconds to capture the attention of your customers and improve your business results.

Transform your visitors into loyal customers through persuasive and original texts generated by the artificial intelligence of Colombiawebs Copy AI. Take advantage of its ability to create highly effective content, adapted to your needs and focused on connecting emotionally with your audience, thus boosting your conversions and increasing your income.

Save time and increase productivity

Colombiawebs Copy AI allows you to generate content quickly, which helps you focus on more important and strategic tasks.

Advanced AI Technology

Use our state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to create original and unique content across diverse fields and industries.

Versatile templates and use cases

With more than 150 use cases and templates, Colombiawebs Copy AI covers all the writing needs of your company or business.

Variety of voice tones

Choose from 25 tones of voice to connect with your audience and convey the right emotion in your content.

Writing in multiple languages

Colombiawebs Copy AI is capable of writing in up to 20 languages, allowing you to communicate with customers of different nationalities.

Scientific writing formulas

Our tool uses formulas such as AIDA and PAS, ensuring high quality and effective texts in your projects.

Get your website up and running, securely and smoothly.

We design secure hosting for wordpress websites

An attack on your website can have a significant impact on your business. Imunify360's automated security solution will protect your web server from infections, keep cores secure and keep you informed with relevant information. With our state-of-the-art technology, you can rest assured that your website will be safe from any online threat.

KernelCare technology can generate binary patches for some very complex kernel changes, including changes to kernel modules and kernel data structures. It can patch any vulnerability at the kernel level. Patches are applied automatically without rebooting, making it easy to apply fixes quickly and without having to wait for a system reboot.

Advanced Firewall under Aritificial Intelligence

Imunify360 offers advanced firewall protection that uses cloud heuristics and artificial intelligence to detect new threats and protect all servers running the software.

Intrusion Detection System (IDS/IPs)

Imunify360 has an excellent intrusion prevention system (IPS - IDS) with a comprehensive collection of "deny" policy rules to quickly block all known attacks,

Malvare Scanning and Cleaning

Malware infection is a major problem for websites. Imunify360 automatically scans file systems for malware injection and quarantines infected files

Captcha System

Imunify360 integrates an advanced captcha system to detect if the traffic you receive on your website is real or comes from a bot.

Proactive Defense

Imunify360's Proactive Defense protects websites against zero-day attacks - it stops even malware that no scanner is able to detect.

Reputation Management

We analyze if your domains are blocked by any blacklist and notify you if they are. The reputation of your site is very important.

We are the best WordPress hosting company in the market!

Best-in-class service for professional backups

Colombiawebs.com, offers the best hosting in the market for companies with a disaster recovery plan or continuity plan. Our software is designed to fit your business continuity plan or disaster recovery plan, and your website will always be available at the click of a button. In addition, we provide best practices for safekeeping your information on the best wordpress hosting available.

Daily Backups

Your Hosting will enjoy, with daily backups that are stored for up to the last 14 days, these will be available in your CPANEL control panel for self-management.

Weekly Backups

In addition to the daily backups, your hosting will have a weekly backup, which is renewed every seven days, and is independent of the daily backup.

External Backups

Your hosting backups are located in different datacenters, incremental backups in Canada and full backups in AWS S3 storage in the USA.

Full Backup

Your hosting can be fully restored in case of serious damage to your website, if you wish you can download your backup locally, for migration purposes or security policies.

File Backup

Your hosting can be partially restored in case of a minor damage of any file of your website, if you wish you can download your backup locally, for migration purposes or security policies.

Email and DB backups

Your hosting has separate backups for the content of your website, such as databases or emails so that their recovery is more specific, achieving greater flexibility in the management of backups.

Host your website with Colombiawebs.com and save money!



Multipurpose responsive WordPress theme that comes with more than 350 preconfigured websites.


Number one selling theme for more than 5 years, making it the most reliable and complete WordPress theme


Most customizable theme on the market! It features full and seamless integration with WPBAKERY and Ultimate Addons.


Theme, the most user-friendly ever created. Create beautiful websites in minutes and have fun at the same time.


Multi-purpose retina theme built on the very powerful and flexible QODE framework. More than 374 exclusive demonstrations

hosting wordpres colombiawebs rapido


Theme gives you the power to create a unique looking website, you can choose from over 160 business website templates.


Clean and flexible theme, ultra responsive and retina ready, suitable for all types of agency, corporate, studio, etc. websites.


Theme that allows you to write articles and blog posts with ease. Perfect for blogs, news sites, etc.


Incredibly versatile theme with a drag & drop page builder, which makes it easier than ever to create beautiful sites.

+ 300 Themes

Woocommerce Themes Theme Porto Theme Soledad Theme Kallyas Many More Free Themes

alojamiento web wordpress colombiawebs

We host WordPress with the best features and Hosting.


Site Builder

Build your website easily with Rvsitebuilder and SitePad, with more than 680 premium templates, add videos, maps, photos, blogs, to fit your website.

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Scripts Gallery

Your shared hosting, has an extensive gallery of scripts "Softaculous", to make it easy to install scripts such as WordPress, Mangento, Abantecart, Joomla, Moodle, Drupal, Prestashop, Wiki, PhpBB, Image Gallery, Calendars, Surveys and 350 more applications in minutes.

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Our technology identifies websites that use excessive resources and temporarily reallocates them to isolated systems. This defends the performance of your website and mitigates the risk normally associated with shared servers. Enjoy exclusive resources in your shared hosting, reseller and wordpress without any limitation, since your speed, memory, IO, IOPS, EP, will be assured.

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Start with what you need and move to more powerful options as your website grows. Our customized technology allows you to upgrade in just a few clicks, space, transfer, etc.

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Amazon SES & MagicSpam

We know that after having a fast, reliable and secure hosting, you need your communications through your website and emails, to be effective, so you will have the security of sending emails that will reach the inbox and avoid dealing with spam in your mail.

2 3

Free" Backups

We perform backups of your entire website or by files, databases, emails, etc, every day, and they are retained for up to 14 days,

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Free https SSL Certificate

An SSL certificate provided by Cpanel is given free of charge on your shared hosting server for as long as you host your web site with us. Having SSl on your site gives you a better SEO positioning, placing it in the first places in search engines like Google, Bin, Yahoo, etc.

5 1

DDOS protection

Our automated AntiDDoS security recognizes almost all attack patterns in advance, allowing you to block attacks and effectively thwart the vast majority of them. uses sophisticated perimeter security technologies, providing you with excellent DDoS protection

8 1

Lite Speed Wes Server "Free".

Our shared, reseller and wordpress hosting service has LiteSpeed Web Server pre-installed and pre-configured for you to get the best performance. LiteSpeed is 11 times faster than Apache and 6 times faster than NGINX! In fact, our LiteSpeed Hosting, performs page loads up to 20 times faster compared to traditional hosting solutions.

6 1

Migration of your website

We migrate your website from any hosting provider with Cpanel for "Free", you should only have 5 to 7 days to make the transfer of your account without problems, we only require username and password of your previous cpanel.

Save money on your WordPress hosting with our premium plugins!




Yoast SEO Premium
All In One Seo Pro
SeoPress PRO
SmartCrawl PRO


Wordfence Premium
Ithemes Securiry PRO
WPMUDEV Defender
Hide My WP


WP Rocket
WP Fastest Cache Premium
WPMUDEV Humminbird Pro
Swift Performance Premium


Many More Free


Elementor Pro
DIVI Builder PRO
Beaver Builder PRO

WordPress hosting: the knowledge is here!

The best wordpress hosting experience

We provide quality hosting and support for your website.

Servidores WordPress Colombiawebs Online

We make website creation easy and guide you step-by-step to get your site up and running quickly.

We offer a wide range of templates and designs to choose from, so you can create the perfect website for your business.

In addition, our team is always available to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

So, whether you’re looking to start a new business or upgrade an old one, we’ve got you covered.

At Colombiawebs.com, we believe that customer service is the soul of our business.

We offer a 24/7/365 live support center, as well as a knowledge base and FAQ section to guide you through every step of using our services.

Our support team is also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you with any questions or problems you may have.

Plus, they are always happy to chat online or by email!

cPanel is the best control panel on the market.

It tracks website statistics, webalizer, raw log manager, referral and error logs, and provides instant shopping carts, blogs, portals, forums, counters and email forms.

cPanel also provides password-protected directories that are perfect for businesses that want to keep their data secure.

We have a variety of hosting plans that include unlimited MySQL databases and phpMyAdmin access.

Our programming languages include CGI, Fast CGI, PHP 5 and 7, Ruby on Rails, Perl, Python, SSL.

We also offer a variety of storage options to meet your needs, including premium bandwidth.

At Colombiawebs.com, we understand that you rely on email to stay connected with clients, friends and family.

We offer unlimited POP3 email accounts and the ability to access WebMail: Horde, SquirrelMail, Roundcube.

In addition, we have support for receiving your email on your phone through IMAP Support.

Our goal is to make it simple and easy for you to stay connected no matter where you are.

Our NVMe servers are 6 times faster than traditional SSD drives and 120 times faster than those using HDD hosting because your website deserves it.

This means you can load your website faster, have more data available at any given time and be able to use less bandwidth overall.

In addition, our servers are optimized for gaming or other high-demand applications, so you can count on us to meet or even exceed your expectations.

15 Years of Experience

We know what we do, that is why we have been in the market for more than a decade, trust your services in colombiawebs.com.

We ensure your reputation

We ensure your reputation We are aware of the importance of your service, that is why we work 7x24 hours a day.