Intro Dedicated video streaming servers Activate your Streaming Video on the Internet Detailed Statistics
Live Encoders
Easy Setup
MEDIACP Control Panel
Streaming Video
HTML5 and SSL Player
HD Video and Sound

Streaming Video with Auto DJ , broadcast live and delayed.

Streaming plans Video Station TV with MEDIACP Control Panel with high performance at competitive prices.

Streaming Video TV Station SSL

SSL Player Colombiawebs

HTML5 Player Professional

Choose between 3 options of HTML5 premium Player for Streaming Video Estacion TV, Iframe prodesional, VideoJS and Clappr, you will be able to see your channel in table devices and mobiles.

Streaming Video SSL

Streaming Video SSL

Streaming video under https, allows your website to load safely, this helps you have a SEO strategy, this attracts more viewers and better web positioning.

Streaming Video Media CP

MediaCP Panel

Enjoy the MEDIACP Control Panel, the most complete and robust panel for the management of your Streaming Video Estacion TV service, used by professional TV channels.

Launch prices for Streaming Video TV Station plans (Auto DJ included) #StayHome

I enjoyed the JWPLAYER Player used by the world's leading digital media companies.


Jwplayer Colombiawebs

Enjoy the best Video Player of the World in your Streaming Video TV Station (AUTO DJ), totally free, Save, USD $120 Dollars, included in Media CP Control Panel.

Fast HTML5 Player

The world's fastest HTML5 player, it allows you to deliver a buffer-free experience for your viewers through HLS and DASH adaptive streaming.

Superior experience

JW Player's multi-CDN approach with a POP network in over 130 countries means the most reliable delivery to any region with a global delivery uptime of 99.99%.

Reduced Latency

The fastest HTML5 video player on the web, so your content and ads are rendered reliably and beautifully on every screen. Because every (milli)second counts.

Social Networks

Thanks to JW Player, share your live event, conference, worship service, class or other activity on your main social networks, just with a click.

All Hearings

Reach all audiences on any device or platform. JW Player supports live video streaming on the web, mobile, OTT or social channels.

Full Screen

JW Player, allows you to enjoy the broadcast of your event live, in your player or if your user wishes, you can enlarge the video to full screen on your device.

Get the right Streaming Video TV Station Plan for you, right now!


pricing image
American Dollars
Multimedia Space (AUTODJ)
Audio and Video Quality
Multiplatform APP
HTML5 Player Professional
MEDIACP Control Panel
Detailed Statistics
SSL support
Unlimited Transfer
Mobile Compatibility
Custom RMTP
Facebook TV
Youtube TV
Periscope TV
Twitch TV
Technical Support
Note: All our plans of Streaming Video Estacion TV, have VAT for customers in Colombia.
  • Dedicated IP
  • 99.9 % Uptime Guaranteed
  • Free" Installation Fee
Offer: If you buy your plan for six months, you will pay 5 months, but if you buy your plan for a year you will only pay 10 months.

Features of all our SSL Streaming Video TV Station plans - Live and Deferred Broadcast (Auto DJ Included)

softaculous in colombiawebs

HTML5 Player

Streaming Audio that provides three options of professional and responsive Html5 Player, to give a corporate look to your online TV, in fixed and mobile devices

Backup copies

Enjoy it on Mobile and Pcs

Allow your TV Channel to be seen on tablet PCs, tablets, smart phones and integrate it into your website quickly and easily.

SSL Certificate in Colombiawebs

Streaming Video SSL

Streaming Video under https, avoid mixed content on your website, and secure your Streaming Video on the Internet and website, providing better web positioning.

Free migration in colombiawebs

Detailed Statistics

Report on your viewers, by country, by hour, by history, by audience time and thousands of advanced data, available in your MEDIACP control panel.

Cloudlinux in Colombiawebs

Live Encoders

Use any video encoder of preference, such as Flash Media Encoder, or OBS, and advanced software, the Wirecast and VMIX, among many.

Website builder


Manage your streaming video TV Station with professionalism, access your players, statistics, rmtp, etc, have full control of your service, Panel in Spanish.

softaculous in colombiawebs

Unlimited Transfer

Your Internet TV Channel will have no limit in bandwidth, do not worry about this and enjoy the best network.

Live broadcast

Broadcast Social Networking

Broadcast on facebook, youtube, periscope live, get more viewers 'by means of their social networks.

Technical support in colombiawebs

Technical Support

You will never be alone, we provide Technical Support: Chat, Tickets, Telephone, Tutorials, Frequently Asked Questions

Watch Our Internet TV Channel with MEDIACP Control Panel


You will receive our Multiplatform APP for free with the purchase of your Streaming Video TV Station (AUTO DJ)


APP Colombiawebs

Install our application on your


Enjoy your Streaming Video on your Android mobile device, completely free, without uploading it to the PlayStore, or making additional payments.


If they visit your website via a desktop device, offer your QR code for them to install the APP on mobile devices.


Offer your listeners the APP to listen to you on their Iphone completely free, included in the Streaming Video Estacion TV plan.


Your APP can be configured with your own logo, background, email, social media, whatsApp module, chat module, music order module, etc.


You can enjoy your streaming Video Station TV on your mobile or Windows desktop device and take your audience to a superior experience.


Need to make changes to your APP, do it at any time, just login to your control panel, update and save. Easy!

Why Choose Streaming Video TV Station (AUTO DJ Included)


Colombiawebs TV Station

TV Station

Our Streaming Video TV Station service allows you to create and schedule video playlists like a real TV station.

Programmable video streaming

Playlists (AutoDJ Included)

Streaming Video Station TV, allows you to upload your multimedia content and program it to broadcast automatically, without having your desktop computer turned on.

Centova Corporate Streaming

Transmit easily

Implement your TV Channel easily and in less than five minutes you will be broadcasting live to your entire audience.

Widgets Centova Colombiawebs

Widgets for your website

Find in your Control Panel, html code of your player and widgets to view your channel on mobile and fixed devices

Centova Business Streaming

FHD quality on your TV channel

Broadcast in FULL HD your audiovisual or live content, such as conferences, church services, classes in schools, universities, etc.

MEDIACP Control Panel Images


We solve the main concerns


The Streaming Video TV Station service, has two services you can enjoy, you can broadcast live any event, but after you have broadcast your content live, you can continue to broadcast the multimedia content you have uploaded and programmed through, your playlists and your powerful auto DJ.

This allows you to increase the loyalty of your audience, since they will permanently find multimedia content on your website and not by time ranges like the Live Video Streaming service.


The Live Video Streaming service only allows you to broadcast live any event or pre-recorded content that you want to broadcast over the Internet through your website, this will force you to have your PC on.

Your viewers will be able to enjoy your service as long as you broadcast live.

With regard to the Streaming Video TV Station, it allows you to enjoy all the features of Live Video Streaming, but in addition you can continue to broadcast multimedia content without the need for your PC to be on or to be performing a live event, since its service has included AUTO DJ and playlists, where you program what content you want to leave and at what time.


Video Streaming is a data transmission technology that does not require prior downloading to the user's computer, but rather the server delivers the data in a continuous and synchronized manner in real time

It is a technology that allows you to broadcast audio and video over the Internet both live and recorded. With video streaming you can broadcast your contents over the Internet, considerably reducing the costs of broadcasting them through traditional methods.


From your computer connected to the Internet, audio and video are sent to our servers, which are responsible for propagating your signal to all users who will see your live or delayed transmission through a web player or mobile devices (HTML5)


RTMP, RTSP, HLS, HDS, Smooth Streaming, MPEG-DASH, DVR


There are basically four elements needed to make a video transmission

1 A computer or streaming equipment with an Internet connection
1 A camera or video capture device that can be connected to the equipment using USB, RCA (via import card) or FireWire (1394) ports.
1 A video streaming service
1 A website or portal where the player will be located for your visitors to access and view your stream.


If you wish, you can create a restricted access to your video signal, where only the users you authorize from the control panel will be able to view the transmissions. You can also block countries, domains and particular users with their corresponding IP.


The signal will be in HD, as long as the camera equipment and video interfaces are HD /4k Ultra HD and if the video quality you have contracted allows it.


At we work to maintain the service level at 99.90% of UpTime

The remaining percentage is used for maintenance, improvements. In the 13 years that we have been providing streaming services we have never had levels below the above mentioned percentage.


If possible, publish your live broadcast services on Facebook, YouTube and Periscope with our broadcast destination feature.


You will not have problems, to use your service on your website, you will only need to place your player and start its transmission no matter where your website is hosted.


As soon as you place an order and pay for your service, it will be activated immediately.


Yes, this service of streaming live video can be used in any country in the world, we have a powerful network worldwide, which allow you to enjoy an excellent service.


This is possible, just write to telling us about your needs and we will gladly make an offer to your specific requirements.

Powerful Audio Streaming Servers Hosting ssl Fast Streaming colombiawebs icon-2.png Cloud streaming audio
Fast Streaming colombiawebs

Our Streaming Video Network

A high level network, which allows a high quality Internet TV audio and video, offering low latency and stability in its emission.


  • Top Level Data Centers
  • Servers in the United States (USA) and Europe
  • Red Any cast (High Redundancy) ROUTE 53 AWS
  • Premium Bandwidth Providers

Robust Servers

Reliable hosting on colombiawebs

Intel Xeon E5 - 2687

The best processors in the world host your Internet Video Streaming, with 24 processors for unparalleled performance.

Cloud streaming audio

Uplink 10 GB

This type of port allows you to avoid buffering of your Internet TV transmission.

Hosting available on colombiawebs

256 GB RAM

Your streaming video TV station will never be slow, thanks to the RAM memory of our streaming video servers.

Audio Streaming Network Colombiawebs
Experience in hosting and streaming

14 Years of Experience

We know what we do, that's why we have been in the market for more than a decade, trust your services to

Dedicated servers colombiawebs

We ensure your Reputation

We are aware of the importance of your service, that is why we work 7x24 so that it is always available and optimal.

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