Softaculous in Colombiawebs

What is Softaculous and what is its use

Manage your hosting in a simple way thanks to softaculous

Hosting Softaculous

Softaculous is an application installer that facilitates the redesign of any website or portal, ie allows us to perform a series of installations, configurations, delineation of scripts through it, in just minutes, which normally took hours and in some cases days.

It's important to have the softaculous suite in your hostingIt is possible to make backups of your website, for example, before making a change in the design of your website, and in case the change generates an error, you can easily restore it to its immediately previous version.

It should be noted that if you are a customer or user of Colombiawebsand if you have your website hosting with our company and want to implement any script that is inside the suite of softaculous do not hesitate, this is possible and the best is free, because this utility is included in your plan, because through softaculous, is saving a significant time of how to install, and manage the scripts to design, it is important to keep in mind that normally the scripts (WordPress, Joomla, Moodle, etc.).) are updated periodically because they improve their security and usability, but for you to stay updated softaculous, with just one click, you can have the latest version for your website and therefore enjoy security and performance.

As we have indicated, Softaculous is included in your web hosting, and this includes the option to install and configure blogs, ads, content management system (CMS), shopping cart, powerful websites such as WordPress, Joomla, forums, social networks, Moodle or virtual classrooms, this helps you and your shared hosting, WordPress hosting o reseller hostingIf you have a website, you can have a variety of options to install on your website, and make it easier to manage your website.

To get to use softaculous is important to do so through the Cpanel which is included in its service shared hosting, WordPress hosting y reseller hostingwhere you can implement the script of your choice, the program can take care of the installations of other self-installers


Cpanel and Softaculous

The most surprising thing is that Softaculous is free when you buy through Colombiawebs.comThis is included in our Shared Hosting ,ResellerHosting and WordPressHosting plans.


Colombiawebs softaculous

Our services offered by the most recognized and important company Colombiawebs.comThe newest version of the system guarantees you a better experience using our hosting that comes with the implementation of softaculous in the service, which will help you to facilitate more your installations with just a few clicks.

For greater security of the services offered we leave you our web portal where you can investigate and imagine your business project in which we can help you and give you support 7X24 at any time.

There are many customers that will wonder, if it is easy or not to install or how I do it, what I should do, the truth is not a considerably complicated software, but I guarantee that if you contact us at, we will be there for you to guide and support you and inform you how to operate this script gallery.

The following is a list of the scripts that the software comes with:

      Post Office







      Survey and analysis


      Database tools 

Taking into account each of these applications available in your hosting, this will facilitate the handling of your service, give better light and vision to your business prospect you want to make known in the digital market, it is very enriching to have available tools that allow easy management of the website, navigate and have everything at hand with this software where you will guide your main idea.

Why implement softaculous than other software? 

  • Because it is a software with a greater diversity of scripts, it offers more than 400 applications.
  • It allows the import of other applications where you have done it with other software.
  • Easy to use, installation can be done using an IP or an https.

 Our services offered of Hosting which already comes with Softaculous software, will give you a variety of opportunities on how to manage your hosting, on how to have a web available faster, and which can be integrated comfortably from your Cpanel control panel included in the web hosting services it offers


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