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July 26, 2022


Register your streaming audio or Web Station on the main Online Radio sites, is a company that has been in the market for more than
for over a decade, we provide services to more than 400 online broadcasters in 18 countries.
countries in all continents, however, in Colombia we have the
number of customers.

Our Streaming Audio in Colombia, is of high quality, because you will not have problems of having micro cuts in the broadcast of your internet radio, in addition to having a high quality support provided by our team of technicians ready to resolve your concerns.

This is because we have high performance dedicated servers,
with premium bandwidth networks, and best of all, our servers
a number of radios, so that our customers can enjoy a wide range of
of a highly redundant service.

Our portfolio of services includes regular mp3 streaming audioStreaming Audio Auto DJ and streaming audio reseller,
for any person or broadcaster who wishes to place their radio in the
internet, our platforms we provide are Centova, Sonicpanel and Media CP.

It is common that our clients, who buy Streaming Audio in Colombia  and in the world, ask us, I already bought and now what do I do, well the answer is very simple, you must publicize your station in
internet, it is not enough to turn on your radio and transmit, but you must publish your station in addition to your website, in every radio listing you know.

Many people use local radio portals to publish their radio or Streaming Audio in ColombiaBut did you know that there are dozens of radio listings, where you can publish your radio for free and others for a small fee, and in this way achieve a higher level of audience.

Well, like everything in Colombiawebs,

we bring an exclusive selection for our clients but also for our customers
for those persons or broadcasters who, although they are not our clients, are not our customers.
surely you wish to achieve this same goal, by the way we would love to
to acquire its streaming audio with

Well, let’s get down to business, then, we will give more than twenty
(20) both local and international listings, to register their
and give sufficient publicity to your Internet radio.

Remember that in addition to being in these lists, you will increase the
seo positioning of your website, but remember that your radius must be
have the url encrypted for your streaming audio, since many of these
listed only accept stations with the SSL certificated, remember that this feature, have all our streaming audio services for customers in Colombia and other countries, plus they can enjoy listening to your radio on both fixed devices and device.
mobile phones.

Let’s take a look at the list selected for you:



Url of


Streema lists more than 70,000 radios and 10,000
television stations. Visitors find stations based on the
gender or region.

Streema also classifies the most important transmissions
popular on your home page. It has an application called Simple Radio
available for Android and iOS.


The Stationzilla directory has more than 64,000
radios. It is unique from other directories in that, it breaks down and lists the
most popular songs by genre on a daily basis.

There are more than 30,000 stations in the directory. In addition, the application is available on the App Store,
Google Play, Windows Phone Store and BlackBerry World.


The SHOUTcast directory is classic. But it has not
aged well, and its popularity has been 
decreasing by
to say the least. They have now stopped providing “authhash”.
(version 2.5 and below) to register your radio station. If you still do not have
one, you’re out of luck, which might not be a bad thing after all….


Radio Box

Online Radio Box lists radio stations from all over the world.
It also caters to smart phone users with its application
for Android and iOS.

You need an account to add a new station
or edit the data of an existing station.


RadioTower list of broadcasting stations
24 hours a day, every day. The listening agents tune in to the
streaming via Real Player or Windows Media Player.

The links you provide must be one of these
types (wax, asx, m3u, pls, ram, rm and ra).



Radioline has more than 60,000 stations listed.
You get your own page, where you can download an electronic guide to the
program and more.

Your online player has network buttons
social networks that allow listeners to share your broadcast instantly. There is
a radioline application for Android and iOS.


My Tunner

It is
a directory that hosts more than 50,000 broadcasters  from different countries,
has app for both andoid and iphone, excellent option.




TuneIn lists more than 120.000 radio stations
from 194 countries. More than 60 million people use TuneIn to access
radio stations, news, sports, music, programs and podcasts.

It also offers premium content to customers such as
live NBA games.

Although TuneIn is no longer open for registration,
you can still contact them.


Streamitter lists radios from all countries.
Listening agents find sequences by genre or region.

You can create a list of your favorite stations
opening user accounts.

Filter Music

Filter Music lists radios with transmissions of
128 Kbps or more. The stations are specially selected for music
electronic and dance music.

They also embrace other genres such as hip-hop and
reggae. But they do not accept radios with long discussions or too many additions.
Filter Music has an app for Android and iOS.

It is an Irish radio directory. On the page of
At the start of, you will find a list of Internet stations.

They also have 2600 stations from 110 countries,
categorized by gender and region. users can
tune in to your media player or an online player.



Radio-Directory requires a small fee
(currently $10) before listing your station. Users can create
accounts to comment or add stations to your favorites list.


Live Online Radio


Live Online
Radio lists the stations according to their regions. His blog is active, and
has individual radio inputs.



Since 2009, STN has been helping people to
find quality radio and television broadcasts. You will find
stations by region or gender.

Visitors can also rate radios. To
create an account, they can create a list of their favorite broadcasts.



vTuner enables manufacturers, brands and
service providers to integrate Internet radio support with their
products, such as smart TVs, cell phones, tablets, automobiles and
game consoles.



Radio Garden
places stations on a globe with green dots that mark cities and
peoples. Clicking on any point gives a list of sequences

new seasons spinning the globe. There is an iOS and Android Radio application
Garden. Both are highly qualified.



The Internet Radio directory has about
of 35,000 Internet radio stations. Listeners can tune in to
a media player or through a pop-up player.

Along with each radio player, the
shows a link to your website, genres, current listeners and speed of


The directory lists the radio stations of
Trinidad and Tobago on its home page. In addition to the
Trinidad, you will find radios from other countries.

You have to send an email to
add your station.



Radioguide.FM classifies radio stations by genres and
regions. You can create a profile for your station.

Here, visitors can rate your
transmission or leave comments using a Facebook plugin. For a fee,
RadioGuide.FM can promote your station on its home page.



Headquartered in Kazakhstan, the board of directors includes
more than 3,000 radio stations. LaRadioFM also has an application for



Stream Finder has more than 31,000 stations in the
radio. They provide a free and updated listing, where you pay for
promotional features (current plan $10/month).

You can add links to your mobile application from
radio and social media pages in your Broadcast Seeker profile.


Internet Radio

iTunes attracts millions of unique listeners every year.
month, and is one of the best places to list your radio station.



with more than 10,000 stations from different countries



of UK Radio Stations



New TV Directory
and Radio



popular radio stations.



of radios in several languages and countries.

of Colombian radio stations

of Colombian Broadcasters, the most complete list of radio stations in the country of Colombia.


Don’t forget that every day, there are more and more listings for you to register your
If you are a client of, you will always be able to
we will be informing you of these listings among other information from
that will make your radio station the most popular in your area.

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We hope you will soon belong to the great family.