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Community Broadcasters in Colombia

Broadcasters are a fundamental part of today's world, since, by generating changes and stereotypes, they contribute a fundamental value when they want to broadcast a message or transform their broadcast to the listener. However, when they want to create a station or their online radio, it is important to be informed of the regulations or resolutions issued by the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology.

Most of the companies that are dedicated to professional radio have transmitters that are regulated directly by the Colombian State. However, a new niche of transmitters has been growing, which are also approved by the Colombian government and are the so-called community transmitters, which have specific purposes.

In Colombia there are more than 620 community stations, approved by MINTIC, and if you are an approved community station this article is for you. (Information taken from Mintic)

The Mintic broadcast that all community stations must comply with certain regulations for their radio station, i.e. those that broadcast information on habits and tastes to the listener, public interests or those that are oriented to information, education, cultural promotion.

At the same time, take into account the classification of the stations carried out by the Mintic

  • Technology
  • Coverage (restricted premises, restricted zone, zonal)
  • Management (direct or indirect)
  • Programming (public interests, community, commercial)

Community radio stations are all those whose objective is to send information aimed at satisfying the needs of the population, such as promoting social development, democratic values, and the construction and participation of citizens.

All the stations will be monitored by Radiodifusión Sonora which is in charge under the ownership of the state, to be part of community radio is to provide information that is beneficial to the community, be Colombian, have done social or community work, among other characteristics.

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It should be noted that in order to have all the parameters of your community station, it is vital that in addition to being listened to in the region approved by your station, you also have the possibility of being listened to outside of it, that is, on the Internet and anywhere on the planet.

For this reason, it is valuable to contract a streaming audio service that will make your community station more recognized in your region and will awaken the interest of other communities that are interested in the same content that your station produces.

When your community radio station has a Streaming Audio, you can have a digital channel to broadcast your radio signal over the Internet in addition to the electromagnetic spectrum given by the Colombian State, allowing you to take the message of your radio station to many people or entities.

Having your community radio station published on the Internet with the Streaming Audio service provided by and in addition to this having a website published on the Internet, which of course has a hosting and domain , and give the relevance to your radio, will allow you to not only broadcast your radio content, but also to publish news, articles from the Internet, among other related information, which will make your community radio station a permanent source of reference for your target community, but also for any person or company that wants to know news related to the region, where your radio station is geolocated.

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