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What should we know about Shared Hosting?

Dedicated NVME SSD

Shared Hosting NVMe SSD in Colombiawebs

Shared hosting is that which allows several sites to be hosted on the same server, i.e. they share the same service on the web, but each hosting has its own privacy and security.

A web hosting is to see it in a projected way as for example we have a building and the apartments are all those users who are installed and want to have a safe and reliable space, which will begin to create content for your business or enterprise to make them known in the digital environment, it should be noted that for this we must always have a provider recognized in the digital market and that this has the experience, technical support, infrastructure that can generate security when it comes to obtaining this service such as shared hosting.

a shared hosting is the most viable and profitable way to create your web for users, SMEs or companies that do not have a larger budget to buy their own web infrastructure, because having your own dedicated server, generates high costs, in addition to which they will have to have technical staff to support their Information Technology, which an entrepreneur, SME or company would incur unnecessary expenses, so that when we offer this hosting is for your greater economic convenience, opportunity and agility and can be known in a competitive manner.


Fast data processing

In Colombiawebs we accompany you in the creation of your website, with the superior shared hosting, where your web project will have two web builders, so you can choose from over 600 web design templates, choose the one of your convenience and you can give more attraction to your business to be visible and recognized in the digital environment.

To start with building your website with advanced designs supported by RVsitebuilder and Sitepad, you will have useful tools for those interested in having their website, this will allow them to create them in an easy way for those who do not have the programming knowledge.

Thanks to your shared hosting you will be able to manage your information protected with the SSL certificates that are already included with the cpanel, and avoid that the security of your web is compromised thanks to the infrastructure that Colombiawebs offers.

In addition to the powerful features described above, the shared hosting offered by has the cloudlinux system that will allow the performance of your website and reduces the risk of your portal being left out of the internet.

It is substantial to verify with whom you will host your website, since there are unscrupulous people who offer services without having the greatest experience, knowledge, infrastructure and security when offering shared hosting services.

When we began to raise the web design we did not find the way or the style to be able to get to design our idea of business, we have varieties of the scripts, WordPress, abantecart, galleries of images, etc, all these items help and facilitate the ideal creation for your web.

Our customers who use shared hosting services carry a variety of opportunity and guarantee, since we not only give them the space on the servers, but also generate backups, global CDN that allows them to share content at a safer speed scale and from different geographical locations, we provide scalability so that your website in just a second generates updates.

With Colombiawebs you will have the following characteristics.

  • Magicspam
  • Mailchannels
  • More than 680 templates
  • Multiple sites
  • Rvsitebuilder
  • Cloudlinux
  • LiteSpeed
  • Daily backups, with a retention of up to 14 copies
  • Unlimited email accounts

As we have mentioned, shared hosting can have several sites depending on the availability of the disk or server you hire. With Colombiawebs, you can count on 5 GB, 10 GB and 100 GB plans, to host any type of project according to your needs.

The advantages of having a shared hosting in Colombiawebs, is that it has a wide variety of scripts, is less expensive, has the ease of construction with templates, has a professional team that will support you in your processes.

 Web hosting should have high performance and speed, where it does not affect or interrupt the site processes and generates an enjoyable experience when browsing your website.

That is why Colombiawebs, has added to its shared hosting high performance reliable disks, such as NVME SSD hard disks which allows your web to load 50 times faster than traditional hosting, for this is the allied provider to give you as a client or businessman who wants to undertake and be part of the digital world with the best IT infrastructure.

To conclude, it is important to highlight that the way customers find their goods and services to consume has changed. It is because of them that your project, idea, business or company must be on the Internet to be able to attract all these users who want your products, but it is also important that your website is hosted by, which has more than a decade of experience in the hosting, domain and streaming sector in Colombia, and which has the best technology to support you in achieving your business objectives.

Host your website in the shared hosting offered by and get the benefits that large companies currently enjoy in the world.