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MagicSpam, prevents Spam in your Inbox

What is MagicSpam?

How many times have you had both free and paid email accounts, where you find yourself every time you open them, endless rows of spam or junk mail, the problem is that we cannot ignore such emails, as possibly among these, we may have important communications that deserve our attention.

But how much time is spent, opening these dozens of emails that are not of interest, and that have been generated by unscrupulous people or companies that have privileged information such as your emails, and therefore send without authorization, emails that do not meet the current needs and which offer goods and services that will not be purchased, or worse when mail arrives with fraudulent purposes, which could violate your computer security or your company, business or enterprise.

That's why the protection of email accounts against spam or junk mail that we call, is important when we have corporate emails that help you remove advertisements that do not generate great importance when seeing it in the inboxes.

When employers who have a multi-dimensional level and whose work focus goes beyond receiving and responding to emails, they generally look to have their work 100% protected and not risk valuable information being lost or left unread by spam.

Now, we are going to talk about a spam mail protector and regulator, which fights the mails that generate garbage in our inbox and avoids observing and managing the mails that are of high priority, apart from that, contemporary companies have a great level of effective communication with other countries, clients, partners, suppliers, employees or stackeholders in general that are attentive to their communications to continue with their operations.

MagicSpam is the mail protector that will prevent your email inboxes from being collapsed by unwanted, unsolicited and malicious emails. It also has updated statistics, which will allow 97% of unwanted emails to be avoided.

The importance that MagicSpam is available in the email provided by your shared hosting provider, will prevent you as a customer or owner of your company receive emails of plagiarism that is what is commonly observed in the communications that are managed daily, which take advantage and scam large or small companies for the simple fact of not being protected, another example that we see in unwanted koreos are prizes that come in advertising and which seek to fall into the trap and leave your data recorded and may be a victim of theft; By means of these mails with only giving click to one of them it can be generating virus to his PC and damage his information that it has saved.

Given the situation that has arisen in companies and individuals related to spam, junk mail, or spam, MagicSpam created this technology so that you feel safe and benefited, which is a proven technology where hundreds of millions of users use it to prevent fraud or viruses through their emails, and the good news is that it is very easy to use, practical to understand and you or your company do not have to do anything, since these applications work on automatic pilot, avoiding filling your inbox with useless emails and allowing you to focus on those that generate value to your company, business or enterprise.


Magicspam prevents SPAM

When you buy shared hosting, reseller hosting and wordpress hosting services at, your emails automatically get the best of free MagicSpam protection, avoiding spam and protecting you from Trojans and bots that attack through email.

Always think about the security and reliability of your communications, which are vital to the growth of your company, business or enterprise, so when hiring your hosting or web hosting, make sure your provider has the technology, usability and performance of MagicSpam and that it is included in the service you purchase so you do not have to incur additional costs and have the professional protection that provides the best antispam for your mail server.
With's hosting service, you will enjoy a professional service at the level of international providers, in addition to 24/7 technical support for any concerns, do not let your emails reside in hosting providers that do not protect the email of their customers, you decide how important is your business or company and how important are your communications.

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