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August 13, 2022


Accelerate your site with a hosting package

If you are looking to speed up your site or for a Hosting Rapido, your options are narrowing down. Hosting can help make your site more accessible and efficient, but you should be careful how much control you give the provider. If you want a definitive answer on whether or not hosting is the best option for your business, we suggest you consult our hosting guide.

Speed up your site with a hosting package.

A hosting package is a set of tools, services and features that a web site needs to function properly. A host can provide all of the following:
-Hosting server
-Domain name
-Web space
-Mail server
– FTP/HTTP Server
– Security Services

What are the different benefits of a hosting package?

The three main benefits of using a host are speed, security and scalability. Speed refers to how quickly your site can be up and running: from finding a server to setting up an e-mail address for users to send e-mails, it should be easy for anyone with Internet access to help you set up your Web site quickly and easily.
Security is important because without proper security measures, anyone could gain access to your site at any time, which could result in loss or damage (or even bankruptcy) if not properly addressed. scalability refers to how many websites you can create on a single server; this is especially beneficial if you want to expand into new markets or countries quickly!
By choosing a host that offers scalability options, as well as other features specific to your business or target audience, you will be able to quickly grow your website while remaining safe and secure.

How to speed up your site.

Hosting packages come in a variety of prices and sizes, so it is important to find the package that fits your needs and desires.
When choosing a hosting package, be sure to consider how much storage space your website will need and how often it will need to be updated (e.g., per day or per week). Also, be sure to find out how easy it will be to optimize the speed of your site; this will help improve load times and provide a more efficient online experience.

Optimize your site for speed.

Optimizing the speed of your site is critical because without good speeds, users may not be able to navigate through your content or access specific pages fast enough. To improve your site’s performance, follow these tips: Use as few images as possible: images slow down page load time by 50% or more, so avoid using too many images on your site.
Minimize white space: space between blocks of text is often wasted when viewed on a mobile device or offline.
Use only ASCII characters instead of Unicode characters when possible to reduce the bytes downloaded from Google Play Services. Create fewer files: When creating files, use names that are easy to pronounce (e.g., “css”, “js”, etc.), rather than difficult-sounding filename extensions such as “.css” or “.js”.
Use compression tools: file compression reduces file size by up to 50%. Avoid redundant HTML tags: avoid including unnecessary HTML tags in each file.

Tips to speed up your site.

One of the most important factors in making your site faster and more responsive is optimizing it for web standards. By following these tips, you can ensure that your site is ready to load quickly and look good on all devices.

Accelerate your site using a hosting package.

Some hosting providers include Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Rackspace Cloud and Microsoft Azure. Depending on the package you choose, you can also speed up your website using vendor-specific features or tools.
Accelerating your site is one of the most important things you can do for your business. By using a hosting package to accelerate your site, optimize its performance and use a host that provides excellent customer service, you can ensure that your site loads quickly and remains stable. By following these tips, you can improve your site’s performance at an impressive rate.

Final considerations.

How to Accelerate my web is the question that people and companies always ask themselves, who are looking to present their products to their potential customers, but undoubtedly the answer to this question is composed of several elements, which when combined will achieve the right result.

However, one of the main elements to achieve this purpose, are the characteristics of your hosting, that is to say, where you host your web site.

There are thousands of companies around the world that offer this service, many offer excellent services and others not so much.

In recent years, thanks to the evolution of technology, there have been more powerful servers and networks with greater redundancy, however one of the main features that help improve the performance of your website are the hard disks, that is, where the information of your website is located.

Necessary technical characteristics.

When choosing your web hosting you should take into account as a main feature that your provider offers hosting on NVEM SSD hard disks, these disks, called solid disk drives, are faster than traditional disks such as SATA and SAS.

Both SATA and SAS disks have moving parts that, unlike NVME SSD hard disks that do not, generate delays in the loading of your information and therefore your website is slow compared to other web pages that are not and which in the worst case are the direct competition of your website, thus having a great advantage that should not be left to neglect.

NVME SSD hard disks are up to 200 times faster than SATA and SAS hard disks, so when your website is hosted on a hosting with this type of hard disk, the content of your website loads much faster, response times will improve in an extraordinary way, these NVME SSD hard disks their level of damage is minimal, therefore the final result, speed, performance, security and confidence are concluded.

Unfortunately this technology or web hosting, is not economical, so many hosting providers continue with their previous hard drives (SATA and SAS) and therefore affect the speed of the websites they store.

However some hosting providers globally are already migrating their technology to these solid disk drives (NVME SSD) generating a higher price, but certainly with the significant improvement in the loading of the websites they host, remember that it is better to invest a few dollars more that will generate me more sales or visits to stop not doing so, which will cause the opposite effect.

There are options in Latin America.

In Latin America the behavior is the same, there are very few companies that offer this web hosting on NVME SSD Hard Disk Drives, due to the high prices and even worse, because migrating their clients’ data to new servers will be tedious, generate extra costs and therefore decrease their profits, which would be negative for them, so “why do it if everyone is the same” say these providers.

It is clear that looking for suppliers in the United States will generate higher costs, support in English, telephones in North America and other barriers that will be inconvenient in the near future, which discourages us from changing our supplier. Web hosting.

However, it is important to highlight the role being played by a leading company in the provision of web hosting and streaming audio services in Colombia and South America, which is www.colombiawebs.com.

www.colombiawebs.comoffers web hosting on NVME SSD (solid state drives) hard disks that will make your website 200 times faster than those of your competition, and one of its attractions in addition to this new technology, is that its price is not so high and therefore is affordable to both individuals and companies who want the opportunity to offer their goods, services and opinions on the internet in a fast way and offering an unparalleled experience in loading your content to your customers and users.

www.colombiawebs.com, has more than 15 years in the Colombian and Latin market, and with more than 1000 clients in all its services, allows us to be the right provider for the development and hosting of your web page.

There are other providers just as extraordinary and with competitive prices, but the main recommendation, that whatever the decision you make when purchasing your new hosting, is that the service they provide is hosted on NVME SSD hard drives, which will give the best performance and speed to your website.

Remember that just as Smartphones evolve permanently (every year), so must your web sites evolve, and NVME SSD hard disks in web hosting are the best choice today, dare to try it and you will never go back to the previous technology.

The best thing about this change is that it will be noticed by your customers and users, even your competitors, and the effect will be immediately perceived in your sales, visits and other objectives that you pursue with your website.