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Hosting Ideal, vs is a Latin American company that in the month of January 2016, celebrates 9 years in the market for hosting, domains and streaming audio, its growth has been given by the trust of its customers and above all by the commitment of its founding partners and its workers, therefore, this analysis will digirido in determining why this hosting is the Ideal.

That's why this post is precisely oriented to determine how reliable are the hosting services that are currently provided by this company.

That's why this post was given the task of reviewing how fast are the services provided by and compare them with one of the first hosting providers in the world which is is a company created on 10/23/2002 and with approximately 3,011,222 hosting accounts and positioning itself as the third provider of this service in the United States, after Godaddy and 1&1, which makes it a great target from the theory of benchmarking to compare it with a Latin company such as


They would consider this comparison with a little disadvantage for a company like, but precisely in this comparison, we want to highlight the possibility of competition on equal terms which allows us to conclude that Latin America has hosting companies and working groups that do their things well and want to conquer and participate in the global market for IT and hosting and domains.

This post, only seeks to measure the speeds of both websites, in pages widely recognized in this type of metrics, in order to determine which is faster.

There are two great tools to measure the speed of websites, and that are widely recognized worldwide, these are and, which offer technical results that allow you to accurately determine whether or not the websites they test are fast. LET'S SEE:


As you can see in this measurement, several conclusions can be drawn, but we will only refer to the most representative for this Latin company. has a website, which weighs 1.27 MB, whose website loads in 3.6 Seconds, taking as measurement point Vancouber - Canada., has a website, which weighs 1.54 MB, that is to say that it has more content by 18% than the reference page, that is to say it has more weight, which would force the load of this site should be greater than that of

However, as you can see, in this measurement, the website loaded in 1.7 seconds, that is 53% faster than its competitor, which added to the 18% higher weight that this website has, it could be concluded that is faster by 71% than

More details at:!/cgqCJv/

More details at:!/ewCIyw/

With this tool you can also reach several conclusions, but as in the past analysis, we will refer to the most important ones for has a site load time of 1.4 Megas with a total site load time of 2.35 Seconds, taking the city of measurement in Dallas - Texas - USA. has a weight in this portal of 2.0 Megas that is 30% more than Hostgator, which would force for obvious reasons to load in a longer time than its competition.

However, as evidenced, loads in 1.82 seconds, that is 23% faster than its competitor, which if you add the 30% of more than this site has by weight, it would be concluded that is 53% faster than its competitor


This is the question that you will be doing you at this time, and will gladly explain, all this is given for the following reasons,, has the following qualities in all its shared hosting accounts and reseller hosting, which makes it the ideal hosting.

1) NVME SSD Disk Drives, which make the websites hosted with, are up to 20 times faster than their competitors
2) The connection port or called Uplink are 20 Gigas, allowing connections are fast.
3) The bandwidth providers are of high quality, which allows a flawless connection with its users.
4) Absolutely all accounts have Max Speed Zone, which is a system that depending on where the user or customer is visiting your website, intelligently loads a cache of your website, which allows a pleasant experience in terms of speed.
5) We have a technical team that work day and night to make your service a pleasant experience and a professional and comprehensive solution to your needs.

I could make this post longer counting the amount of features and benefits that has the shared hosting and reseller hosting service offered by, but one thing is for sure, and that is that this service will undoubtedly be of full satisfaction for your expectations.


At no time have we said this, in fact that's why we dare to make multiple comparisons with the largest in the world market, precisely because they are excellent at what they do, and therefore in addition to admire them we want to match them and why not, tomorrow, to be a major competitor in front of these companies.

The purpose of this post is that you can consider as an ideal alternative for your hosting requirements in Latin America and the rest of the world, both for its technical aspects as just observed, but also for its support in Spanish, price, accessibility, timeliness and above all confidence.


Definitely not, and this does not mean that cheap is expensive, as they say in "Colombia" we have competitive prices for the Latin American and world market, and this precisely allows to be an economical but excellent alternative,
The current market prices of both companies are:

As you can see the prices of really are competitive in the market, in addition to compete with prices, they do it with the services they provide and with customer service in its state both pre-sale and post-sale.

Dear reader, these appreciations will allow you to choose the provider you want, both are excellent, however, if you want the same quality at a better price, is an ideal opportunity for your ideas, business or company.

Cordially yours

Francisco Moreno Diaz
Technical Support Leader