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Zara Radio configuration for your audio streaming

Next Colombiawebs, will explain you how to configure the audio streaming service acquired with us with Zara Radio



1. Open the Winamp.
2. Press the CTRL + P keys, or right click, then scroll to "Options", and then to "Preferences"

3. In the "Plug-ins / DSP/Effect" section, select "Nullsoft SHOUTcast Source DSP v.1.9.0 [dsp_sc.dll]".

4. The SHOUTcast Source window will open. In the "Output" tab, there are 3 "Connect", "Connection" and "Yellowpages" buttons.

  1. Pressing the "Connection" button, enter the following information:- Adress: Corresponds to the host name or IP address assigned to your service.- Port: Corresponds to the Port.- Password: Corresponds to the Broadcast or Dj Password, modifiable from your streaming panel.
  2. - Encoder: 1- Box "Automatic Reconnection on Connection Failure" must be checked, this toreconnectautomatically if the connection is lost
  3. -Reconnection Timeout: 30 Seconds

5. Click on the "Yellowpages" button and enter the following information
- The box " Make this server public (Recommended ) " should be checked to be listed in the SHOUTCast online directory
- Description : The title can be included along with the station description. A maximum of 100 characters is recommended. This text appears in the listener's players as well as in the SHOUTCast directory to describe the station. Example:
"My radio, blah blah."
- URL: Address of the station's website. Example ""
- Genre: Format of the station. This information is widely used by listeners to search for the station in the SHOUTCast directory by their favorite genre. It is recommended to use English language in this field. Examples "News, Talk", "drum and bass goa house", etc.

-Track Title/URL: The three boxes under this label are all checked.

6. In the "Enc oder" tab, select "Encoder1", in "EncoderType" select "MP3Encoder" and in "EncoderSettings" choose the quality you contracted. For example: "32kbps, 22.050kHz, Mono".

NOTE: The use of qualities superior to those of the purchased package will mean an automatic temporary suspension.

Specific configuration for Zara Radio or another external program (for example Sam Brodcaster, Windows Media, or any other

7. On the "Input" tab, do the following:

- In Input Device, select the option: SoundCard Input
- In Input Settings, select the option: 44100 Hz Stereo
- Click on the button: OpenMixer (two windows will open)
- Close the window that says: Volume Control and leave the Recording Control window in front.
- Select the option: StereoMix (or mixer) (Stereo Mix) and turn the volume up to the maximum.

After making these settings, you have to enter the program from which you want to transmit and start doing so. (for example Sam Brodcaster, Windows Media, Zara Radio, or any other)



  • Remember that to activate or deactivate the SHOUTCast plug-in you must press CTRL+'P' from WinAmp and then from the menu in the section "Plug-ins / "DSP/Effect" select:"Nullsoft SHOUTcast Source DSP v.1.8.2b [dsp_sc.dll]" to activate it or (none) to deactivate it.
  • In order to broadcast after the SHOUTCast window is opened, one should check the "Output" box and finally press the "Connect" button. "Connect at Startup" serves to automatically connect to the streaming server when the winamp is opened, it is recommended to enable this option.

Important: You must keep in mind that you will need to have Winamp and Shoutcast open at all times for the radio to be online.

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