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Winamp configuration for your streaming audio

If you want to start an Internet radio and broadcast the music you selected yourself from your winamp


Download and install the Shoutcast Source

Download and install the Winamp


Once downloaded and installed the software we open winamp, then in the player put right click, go to options and then preferences as we see in the image:



Look at the Winamp Preferences box, go to the DSP/Effect option and then open the 2nd option : Nullsoft SHOUTcast Source DSP v1.9.0:


The SHOUTcast Source software appears, we see 4 tabs Main, Output, Encoder and Input . We start by Output and we are located in the sub tab Connection, here we will put the data of the radio that are the Adress, the Port and the Password, to obtain them it is necessary to have bought a service of radio Streaming:


In the same tab we give you click in the sub-tab Yellowspages, here we put the information about the radio: In Description we put the name of the radio ( Ex: Colombiawebs Radio ), in URL we put the web site of the radio (Ex: ) Generate that is the musical genre in this case we put Rock, the other data like AIM, ICQ and IRC is not necessary to modify:P


Now in the Encoder tab is where we set the sound quality with which it will be issued, note that it is very important your Internet connection, for example if you have broadband Internet will have the ability to transmit with a high quality, if you have a basic connection to transmit with a minimum quality (maximum at 56kbps 22 mono), in the Encoder Type option we choose the format: option for MP3 and AAC +, the most recommended is MP3. Now in Encoder Settings we choose the sound quality, a minimum quality would be 32kbps, 22.050 khz, Mono:


In the Input tab, is where the voice is going to come out, in other words, is the option to talk into the microphone every time you finish a song, for that at the beginning we have Winamp (Recommended) we put Soundcard Input. Every time we choose this option, the music in the transmission will be automatically lowered in volume, so you can speak into the microphone. Once we have seen this option, we return to the Winamp (Recommended) option to start the transmission


And that's it, following the steps, we go back to the Output tab, where we click on Connect and Startud, we see that Status appears and below numbers that tell us that we can already play songs and that we are starting to broadcast internet radio.