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html5 Player configuration for Streaming Audio Centova


For centova audio streaming services, we have in this opportunity, we have a valuable resource (tutorial) for our centova audio streaming customers with Auto DJ.

Nowadays, most websites as well as streaming audio, are visited by mobile devices.

Therefore, thinking about the needs of our customers, has designed a tutorial, where you can configure the player in html5 for your audio streaming service centova.

This tutorial teaches you step by step, how to generate the html code and paste it into your website.

It is important to keep in mind, that where the player can be generated, is on the website.

This website has the opportunity to create more than 70 player options, which can work on mobile devices.

Remember that the value to place in the page to create your player "" can be found in the following path.

Home / General / Quicklinks / Secure Proxy Links / SHOUTcast v2

The url that comes out there, is the one you must place in your player, so that your player is encrypted must start with the following path

Replace xxx with the one in the link to your radio centova panel.

If you are interested in purchasing our centova audio streaming services with Auto DJ, you can visit our different plans on the following page.

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If you are wondering if this is complex, we tell you it is not, but if you have difficulty in configuring your services, we have more than 200 video tutorials, which will support you in the project of creating your virtual station on the Internet.

Don't get left behind, find a different way to convey the content of your company, business or idea.

We hope this tutorial will be useful for all our current and future customers.

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Francisco Moreno Diaz

Technical Support Leader.