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How to make my website faster with the help of my hosting

This is the question that people and companies always ask themselves, who are looking to present their products to their potential customers, but undoubtedly the answer to this question is composed of several elements, which when combined will achieve the right result.

However, one of the main elements to achieve this purpose, are the characteristics of your hosting, ie where you host your website.

There are thousands of companies around the world that offer this service, many offer excellent services and others not so much.

In recent years thanks to the evolution of technology, have allowed more powerful servers and networks with greater redundancy, however one of the main features that help improve the performance of your website are the hard drives, ie, where the information on your website is located.

When choosing your web hosting should be taken into account as a main feature that your provider offers hosting on NVEM SSD hard drives, these disks called solid disk drives, are faster than traditional disks such as SATA and SAS.

Both SATA and SAS disks have moving parts that unlike the NVME SSD hard drives that do not, generate delay in loading your information and therefore your website is slow compared to other websites that are not and what in the worst case are the direct competition of your website, thus having a great advantage that should not be left in neglect.

NVME SSD hard drives are up to 200 times faster than SATA and SAS hard drives, so when your website is hosted on a hosting with this type of hard drive, the content of your website loads much faster, response times will improve in an extraordinary way, these NVME SSD hard drives their level of damage is minimal, therefore the end result is concluded speed, performance, security and confidence.

Unfortunately this technology or web hosting, is not economical, so many hosting providers continue with their previous hard drives (SATA and SAS) and thus affect the speed of the websites they store.

However some hosting providers globally are already migrating their technology to these solid state drives (NVME SSD) generating a higher price, but certainly with the significant improvement in the loading of websites that host, remember that it is better to invest a few dollars more that I generate more sales or visits to stop not doing so, which will cause the opposite effect.

In Latin America the behavior is the same, there are very few companies that offer this web hosting on NVME SSD Hard Drives, due to the high prices and even worse, because migrating the data of their customers to new servers will be tedious, generate extra costs and therefore the decrease in their profits, which would be negative for them, so "why do it if everyone is the same" say these providers.

It is clear that looking for providers in the United States will generate higher costs, support in English, telephones in North America and other barriers that will be inconvenient in the near future, which discourages us to change hosting provider.

However, it is important to highlight the role that is doing a leading company in the provision of web hosting services (hosting) and streaming audio in Colombia and South America, which is, offers web hosting on NVME SSD hard drives (solid state drives) that will make your website 200 times faster than your competition, and one of its attractions in addition to this new technology, is that its price is not so high and therefore is affordable to both individuals and companies who want the opportunity to offer their goods, services and opinions on the internet in a fast way and offering an unparalleled experience in loading your content to your customers and users., has more than 12 years in the Colombian and Latin market, and with more than 1000 clients in all its services, allow us to be the right provider for the development and hosting of your website.

There are other providers just as extraordinary and with competitive prices, but the main recommendation, that whatever the decision you make when purchasing your new hosting, is that the service they provide is hosted on NVME SSD hard drives, which will give the best performance and speed to your website.

Remember that just as Smartphones evolve permanently (every year), so must evolve your websites, and NVME SSD hard drives in web hosting are the best choice today, dare to try it and you will never go back to the previous technology.

The best thing about this change is that it will be noticed by your customers and users, even your competitors, and the effect will be immediately perceived in your sales, visits and other objectives that you pursue with your website.

Cordially yours

Francisco Javier Moreno Diaz

Technical Support Leader