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SSL Certificate in Colombiawebs

Guaranteed safety

SSL security certificates secure the connection between your website and your client's browser. Once your SSL certificate is issued and installed, you will enjoy uninterrupted online security.

SSL Certificate in Colombiawebs

Stronger encryption

Comodo's SSL certificates use 128/256-bit SHA2 and ECC encryption, which is an industry benchmark. It comes with the option of several bit lengths, the most popular being 256. Encryption ensures that data transmitted over the network remains secure. If you have a certificate that has a SHA1 certificate, we recommend that you upgrade your certificate to SHA2 as risks have been identified with the first one.

SSL Certificate in Colombiawebs

Improved SEO

Websites that are not digitally certified have less traffic and fewer conversions, as customers lack the confidence to navigate the site. In addition, browsers such as Google Chrome notify website visitors with a warning if a site does not have a valid SSL certificate. Search engines such as Google penalize websites identified as unprotected.

SSL Certificate in Colombiawebs

TrustLogo site stamp

Comodo's SSL security certificates allow you to place a TrustSeal logo on your web site, giving your customers additional visual assurance of your web site's security and credibility.

SSL Certificate in Colombiawebs

Support 7x24

Comodo's SSL certificates are supported by 99.9% of all web browsers, ensuring that no matter what mode your clients use to communicate with you, their network connection to your browser is secure - Comodo supports Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Edge and more!

SSL Certificate in Colombiawebs

Increases credibility

SSL certificates are a necessity for online businesses and other websites. Online customers are aware of the difference between a secure and a non-secure website. Having Comodo SSL on your website will ensure that you never lose traffic and sales.

SSL Certificate in Colombiawebs

Address bar Visibility

Issuance of an Extended Validation or EV certificate provides your website with your company name in a green bar and a lock in the web browser where your website is displayed. The website address changes from HTTP to HTTPS, which also means that the website is protected. This is a universally recognized visual display of a secure online property. Your customers will feel more secure making online payments on your website.

SSL Certificate in Colombiawebs

Extended Validation

In addition to domain validation, Comodo's SSL security certificates also provide extensive validation of your business. Comodo will verify that your business registration is legal and your domain name's WhoIs information is authentic, ensuring that only the most trusted companies display the green bar and padlock on their website, which is the ultimate guarantee of web security.

SSL Certificate in Colombiawebs

Secure all sub-domains

Secure all the sub-domains of your website with one plan, i.e. the Wildcard Plan. Wildcard plans cover your main domain ( as well as all other subdomains such as,, etc.

SSL Certificate in Colombiawebs

Encryption of confidential information

Protect your customers' data from prying eyes, be it passwords, credit card details or other sensitive data.



Show credibility with SSL security certificate

Get the maximum security guarantee with 3 highlights that your client will see:

  • Secure indicator in the address bar of your customers' browser
  • Your company name in the address bar (with EV)
  • Comodo TrustLogo Site Seal on your website


Ultimate Security Comodo SSL

Comodo SSL certificates are one of the most popular options for digital certificates today, offering you the industry's strongest encryption with SHA2 and 128/256-bit ECC protection. In addition, they are also backed by a substantial warranty against default.


Improves search rankings

In May 2017, Google announced that it would display an 'Unsecured' message in the Chrome browser for all websites not using an SSL certificate. In addition, they also indicated that such websites could be penalized in the search rankings. Prevent this drop by getting your SSL Security Certificate now.


Additional free licenses

When you buy a SSL Certificate from, you can get a new free issue of additional unlimited server licenses.


Improve sales and conversions

Attacks such as phishing, website attacks and data abuse are affecting customer confidence in e-commerce. When your website has an SSL Certificate, it gives your customers the confidence to pay online and transact on a website.


Great support with Comodo SSL certificates

Get 24×7 support from's team of SSL certificate experts. We will make sure all your questions and problems are resolved quickly and efficiently.



Provides authentication

It ensures that you are sending information to trusted servers and not impostors trying to steal information.

Build Trust

Visitors will trust your website more when they see visual cues such as a lock icon or a green bar and are therefore more likely to buy from you.
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SSL certificate


An SSL certificate is a digital certificate issued for a domain by the Certification Authority, in this case Comodo. You must purchase an SSL certificate and then go through a verification process to receive the certificate. This verification is performed by the Certification Authority.


Obtaining a Comodo SSL certificate has two main advantages:

  • Encrypts information sent from your user's browser to your website
  • Authenticate the identity of your website

By doing so, an SSL Certificate protects your customers and, in turn, increases their trust in your business and your Web site. This is important if your Web site requires users to log in with passwords or sensitive information such as credit card information.


Yes, all Comodo SSL certificates are compatible with all major and popular browsers in use today.


While it is not difficult to install an SSL certificate, there are a number of steps you should follow. You can find more information on how to install it in our knowledge base.


No, at this time we do not support any updates or downgrades to Comodo's SSL certificate plans.


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